3 Most Unique Wedding Hire Cars

Outrageous Wedding Hire Cars

The day has finally come it is that special time in everyone life when you must go through the gruelling process of planning a wedding.  But when it comes to wedding hire cars, we look to make this a much simpler process for you as we understand how hectic the days leading up to your wedding day maybe. Everyone has their own style, and these are often portrayed in the theme or colour scheme of your wedding, but nothing makes a statement more than the chose of wedding hire cars you select for your wedding transport.


Choose Wedding Hire Cars to Fit Your Personality

Many prefer the more traditional route when it comes to wedding car hire going for the more classic and conventional Rolls Royce or Bentley continental. Some people prefer practicality when choosing wedding hire cars, looking for a spacious and comfortable vehicle that can accommodate for the whole bridal party such as the range rover sport or BMW saloon. But for all you adventurers and risk-takers you may investigate a wedding hire car that will be sure to turn heads whether it may be for the better or for the worst. Below listed are 5 of the most unique and outrageous wedding cars that can be a possible option for you if this is the path you want to take or if the misses allows it, don’t do anything that may lead to an early divorce.


Choose Your Wedding Car Hire

1. VW Camper Van

Perfect for any laid-back summer wedding; we have the iconic VW camper van which will be certain to draw people’s attention and resonate in the memories of both you and your guests. The VW Camper wedding hire cars are perfect for that festival feel wedding, with luxury interior and several different colours available to compliment your special day.

VW Camper

2. Why Not Take the Bus?

Do not panic we do not expect you to take public transport to your wedding but for the more adventurous and outgoing couples why not hire a whole double-decker bus to yourselves as your wedding hire car. Yes, it is a bit outside the norm, but this is not your normal wedding car list. Spacious, comfortable and has the capacity to transport the whole bridal party and even Grandma’s dog with room to spare.

Wedding Bus

3. Golf Cart

Perhaps the whackiest wedding hire cars available and last on our list we have the golf cart. This vehicle is for people of a sporting nature and wants to incorporate that into there wedding theme where possible. But this isn’t always the case if you fancy stepping away from the generic traditions why not look into this fun and outgoing wedding hire cars available.

Golf Cart